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It’s time to reclaim your terrain

Open a path for your project with forestry mulching and land clearing

Let’s clear some things up…

With the power of forestry mulching and land clearing, areas of out-of-control growth quickly become orderly grounds. Let us help you restore harmony to areas of wild vegetation, make way for new building projects, and put that land to good use.

Raze a
New Trail

Forestry Mulching

Convert unsightly overgrowth into attractive mulch in a single pass.

Land Clearing

Turn tangled into tidy for pasture, new field preparation, and more.

Brush Removal

Eliminate that tangled mess in a snap and keep pests under control.

Site Preparation

We’ll wipe the slate clean for your crew’s new construction project.

Power Line Clearing

Clear the way for easements and utility access on public and private lands.

The wide-ranging benefits of forestry mulching and land clearing

Healthier for the Environment

Thriving Nature

Forestry mulching makes for environmentally responsible progress everyone can feel good about.

Better for the Budget

Top Efficiency

It’s not often that speed and cost control go together, but forestry mulching makes that happen.

Sound Land Management

Good Stewardship

Lone Star’s forestry mulching services make it easy to follow smart land governance practices.


Construction collaboration

Let Lone Star be your fast and reliable construction site trail blazer, clearing the land and prepping it for your grading team.


Farm and ranch foundations

From field prep to grazing management to ditch brush control, forestry mulching is a friend to your acreage or large ranch.

Lone Star Standards

The job’s not done until it’s done right

Uproot and
mulch down

Keep right-of-ways clear and safe

Cut back the pests with brush clearing

velit dignissim

Elementum nisi quis eleifend

The sound option

Land clearing that just makes sense

Overgrown weedy fields littered with small trees and saplings are hard to put to good use for anything. When you choose Lone Star Forestry Mulching to clear that land, you can turn it into a space fit for new growth, whatever that may be for your goals.

Safe and sound

The low environmental impact of forestry mulching makes it a wise choice for both the land and the people who live there.

On time and on budget

Forestry mulching is the economically sound option that saves you time and lets you pick and choose what stays and what goes.

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Uncluttered landscapes and useable spaces

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Mulch with benefits

What forestry mulching and land clearing can do for your property

Thin out and beautify your forested areas, creating a smooth path of mulch between the trees.

Forestry mulching allows for targeted tree removal, eliminating small trees and saplings that compete for soil nutrients.
Create a mulch trail along fence and forest lines to discourage wildlife from getting too close for comfort.
Ensure cattle have easy access to nutritious grasses and reduce annoying insects by slashing weeds and thorny brush.
Enhance the aesthetics and safety of parks, public, and common areas with an attractive layer of mulch.

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